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Tutorial level needs an overhaul, imo. This is kind of a critical part of the design that my understand and my experience is that players will want to be able to blow through it, just to get a handle on the controls. I jumped in the spike pit to confirm that the spike traps I saw were spikes, and not a grass sprite of some kind, but my character's jump wasn't high enough to get back out- a little bothersome, but not a huge deal. What gets me is how difficult it is to kill the first enemies you run into, not in the sense that I find it to be challenging, but kind of annoying when my expectation going in is going to be that I hit the ground, play with some controls, knock some bad guys over, and get to the next story point. I tried to play this before going to work and didn't really get to give this game a real look because I was stabbing at a shield for 10 minutes. I'm kind of thinking that if I didn't know any better, I might have honestly just put this down if I wasn't specifically trying to give every game I play a chance.

Hi Neveronpurpose! Thanks for playing the game and for your honest feedback. There are a lot of things we are not happy with with the game in its current state and we're working on a new version. The one you played was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare and we haven't had time to push out a post-jam version yet. Thanks for giving it a go! :D

I'm really happy to see you gave this a look. Looking forward to the new version!


SMACKTALKER SKINWALKER! - Indie Game Spotlight #3

This game, while needing a few tweaks, is a very solid LD35 showing. It uses the theme of shapeshifting very well, harkening to the tales of Skinwalkers.

Graphically, it looks like it belongs on a retro console. The pixel graphics are sharp and the background layers are very well done.

The sound has a huge black eye: no sound effects. While the background music sets a good atmosphere, the lack of sound effects kills the immersion for me. It makes the game look either rushed or lazy, I can't figure out which.

The controls are easy to learn, pretty simple platforming layout. The physics seem a little off, but it's nothing to complain about by any means.

Hit detection in this game can be wonky. For example, I can die by trying to jump over an enemy and not touching it. However, when the enemy tries to attack me from the same distance while I'm on the ground, I don't get hit. I got used to it quickly, but it's just a small annoyance.

Despite its flaws, The Skinmancer is a very good platformer. A little tweaking here and there, and this will be a very solid game. Good work!

Thank you for playing our game and for the amazing review. :D

You're right about the sound effects and it's my biggest regret this LD. I spent too much time fixing AI bugs and didn't have time to make proper sounds in the end.