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Can you give an update that lets you change the controls? I have a mac so I don't have a numpad and the insert button. Great game btw! Enjoying it even if I'm playing solo.

Thank you! That means a lot to us. :)

I hope I can get back to the game and update it soon. Someone approached me about bringing it to an Arcade machine and that was also one of their requests. I can't make any promises right now because I'm swamped in contract work with tight deadlines, tho. :/

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how do you attack!?, i've got the move controls but i can't jump or even attack!. I am Doomed!!!, Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note: i don't have a controller!

Hey man! Thanks for checking out our game! I'm not at home right now, but the menu screen has some info on controls! It should be a table with keyboard commands in it too. It has two pages you can flip between. Sorry! If that doesnt help I will write again when Im back home ;)

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I'm a Kid dude...., anyways, thanks!. I will check it! :D. Edit: I DON'T HAVE A NUMPAD!!, THIS IS SOO ANNOYING!!!

Ack sorry! :D It's super hard to get 2 players on one keyboard right.

I found a way But me and my Friend is VERY VERY Struggling in Level 3! D:<.

First of all, thank you for playing it !!! It means a lot. :D

Yeah Level 3 turned out to be way too hard. At some point we want to revisit the game and release a better version with more and better levels. With Lvl 3 you have to find a rhythm of separating (one guy covers the bottom and one guy takes care of the top action. And getting back together to defend the upper door. Also when the fat guys spawn, be really quick to take them down.

Made a video for your game

Hi Spudcats! Thanks for the videos, we had a blast watching you guys. :D

Agreed about level 3... way too hard. After testing for so long we became blind to the difficulty of the game.

lol, XD.

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Thank you for making such a crazy intense game! This is was so much fun, we had to play it on our channel!

Thank you for playing, glad you had fun! :D